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Preventing fatigue in big-rig drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration devotes a great deal of time to helping truckers—and by extension, the drivers around them—reach their destinations safely.

Of major concern is the ongoing problem of drowsiness. All drivers experience fatigue at some point, but the FMCSA recommends five steps truck drivers can take to avoid a crash.

Does it matter who is at fault for a Georgia car accident?

The point of having auto insurance coverage is to protect yourself financially in case a collision or other incident happens. You can then submit a claim and receive compensation for property damage and medical bills. In some cases, you may be able to receive money from the other driver's insurer, as well.

Unfortunately, these things are only true if you are not mostly at fault for the accident. Georgia is not a no-fault (or pure comparative negligence) state.

For seniors, motorcycle rides are still cool, but risky

The 60-plus motorcycle crowd continues to grow as baby boomers have the time and money to take to the open road on the Harleys and Indians they loved in their younger years. The difference is that as people age, so do their bodies. If a senior motorcyclist is in a crash, the resulting injuries will likely be more serious at 65 than they were at 25.

Latest agency data

What information should you receive after a car accident?

Fatalities from car accidents make the news, but plenty of people suffer intense injuries from these collisions every year who do not get the same attention from the media. In 2015 alone, over 19,000 people in Georgia sustained injuries from auto accidents, a significant increase from the previous few years. 

Whether a traffic collision hurt you or not, it is vital to follow proper protocol in the immediate aftermath. There is valuable information you need to retrieve at the time, and if you fail to get it, it could seriously hurt a future claim. 

Top causes of dental malpractice

When you think of the person responsible for a medical malpractice case, such as one involving a surgical error or misdiagnosis of a serious condition, you likely picture a stereotypical doctor. However, other medical providers can be just as guilty of malpractice. One that you may not have thought of is your dentist.

Dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons are all liable for showing neglect and causing injury to their patients. Visiting the dentist can be scary enough for some, but even worse is leaving the office with worse problems than you came in for.

What happens when your child suffers a slip-and-fall injury

Parents strive to protect their child from harm. The world is full of threats that can cause injuries and ailments, and it can be overwhelming to constantly be on guard. This makes it all the more devastating when you are unable to prevent an accident and your child gets hurt. Slip-and-fall accidents are an unfortunately common cause of traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

Whether you are in a store or a public place, an injury such as this necessitates that you seek medical care for your child as soon as possible. You should consider the following factors and explore your avenues for compensation through insurance claims or a lawsuit to cover physical, financial and emotional damages. 

What are some risks associated with C-sections for mothers?

If you are currently expecting or plan to expand your family in the near future, one concern you should keep in mind involves childbirth. Traditionally, cesarean (C-section) births were only done out of medical necessity. Now, the procedure is also an elective one, meaning women can choose to deliver their babies via C-section instead of vaginally, even if it is not medically required. You might not realize it, but C-sections are major surgical procedures that are more likely to end in serious complications like birth injuries and death than vaginal childbirth. 

It is important for you to consider the dangers to avoid complications and a poor outcome that could make you or your unborn child victims of medical malpractice. Your medical care provider is responsible for properly informing you of the dangers and risks of C-sections that are specific to your situation so you can make a well-informed decision regarding your delivery. 

"Dancing" doctor suspended due to medical malpractice

It makes sense to keep people's spirits up in the operating room. However, one doctor may have taken that idea a bit too far. Dr. Windell Davis-Boutte, a dermatologist based out of Georgia, often posted videos of herself dancing and singing while operating on patients. Recently, the Georgia Composite Medical Board suspended her license due to medical malpractice, stating how she was a "threat to public safety." 

The doctor had over 20 videos uploaded to YouTube, which have since gone down from the site. However, the suspension does not seem to relate much to the dancing. One of her patients, after having received a Brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation and liposuction, required prompt treatment at the hospital for acute blood loss and a collapsed lung. Other patients have come forward to say they too have suffered neglect from after receiving procedures from the doctor. 

How to handle encounters with road rage drivers

One hazard that is hard to predict when you are driving is road-raging motorists. Now that the weather is warmer, you can expect to see more people out traveling about. There are also more impatient drivers on the roads who are looking for a reason to justify their aggressive driving behaviors.

Aggressive and road-raging drivers are dangerous. Their risky and reckless driving actions often lead to car accidents, injuries and even death. Here are ways you and other drivers can avoid escalating their situations into catastrophic traffic incidents:

2 common medication errors to avoid

Medication is a necessity for many people in the Atlanta area. They trust their doctors and pharmacists to provide them with the medication needed to manage their health. They, just like you, might not see anything wrong with trusting those health care professionals implicitly. However, such professionals make mistakes just like everyone else. When they do not follow proper medication prescribing and administration protocol, the risk of medication errors increases, leaving patients at risk of harm and death. 

Though you might feel concerned about the increase in medical malpractice claims you keep hearing about in the news, you should not avoid medical attention when you need it. Keep the following information about prescription drug mistakes in mind to avoid complications: 

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