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February 2012 Archives

Medicine shortage is no excuse for poor care

Georgia and the rest of the nation are experiencing serious drug shortages. In fact, the federal government has just approved emergency imports of generic versions of certain cancer drugs because domestic supplies are running out. In addition, hospitals and emergency response personnel all over the country are running out of anti-anxiety and anti-seizure drugs, also known as benzodiazepines.

Is a popular baby seat set for second recall?

Parents of young babies in Atlanta will be interested to note a possible design problem with a popular baby seat, which could make it a dangerous product. A number of consumer groups are asking the Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall the Bumbo Baby Seat manufactured by Bumbo International over fears that children will fall out and suffer severe head injuries.

Teen loses family in tragic car accident

Life can change in an instant. One moment someone can be living a comfortable life, and before a person can even realize what happened, life is unrecognizable. A 15-year-old girl from the Atlanta area has learned this in a far too difficult way, losing her entire family in a horrific traffic accident.

Hospital accused of negligence after patient falls

As the result of an incident that occurred in 2008, a medical malpractice suit has been filed alleging hospital negligence. The incident involves a woman who says she was escorted to a hospital bathroom and then left unattended. When she gave up hope that anyone would assist her, she attempted to get up on her own and fell. She suffered injuries to her head, back, neck and leg.

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