Is a popular baby seat set for second recall?

| Feb 21, 2012 | Products Liability

Parents of young babies in Atlanta will be interested to note a possible design problem with a popular baby seat, which could make it a dangerous product. A number of consumer groups are asking the Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall the Bumbo Baby Seat manufactured by Bumbo International over fears that children will fall out and suffer severe head injuries.

According to the groups behind the push for a recall, the issue is in the design of the baby seat. Currently, the product allows babies to be placed into the cushioned seat, but there is not an option to secure the child in with a strap. The company believes adding a strap would merely give parents a “false sense of security.” To date, the seat is believed to have led to 33 skull fractures in cases where infants have fallen out of the seat.

With about 4 million units sold across the United States, including here in Georgia, parents who are concerned over injuries may wonder why the product has yet to be recalled over the latest issue. However, the seat was subject to a previous recall in 2007 to add a warning label advising parents against using the seat on a raised surface.

While it remains to be seen whether the CPSC will issue a recall in this latest case, parents of injured children should be aware that legal avenues may exist to address any injuries suffered due to the design of the chair. A product liability lawsuit may be filed when it is believed the product designer or manufacturer was negligent in creating a product.

Source: USA Today, “Should Bumbo Baby Seat be recalled again?” Jayne O’Donnell, Feb. 9, 2012

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