Police believe fatal accident was caused by street racing

| Mar 13, 2012 | Wrongful Death

Residents of Atlanta know the risks of driving well and may be aware of the dangers associated with street racing. Recently, a woman who was driving to her job at a fast food restaurant was killed in an accident. According to police, two cars were street racing when one struck the victim’s vehicle, causing it to roll over several times. Neither driver stayed at the scene.

The victim of the fatal accident was a 31-year-old woman from Honduras. She is survived by her husband and her four-year-old daughter. The victim’s husband is pleading for someone to come forward with information about the incident, as authorities have not yet been able to identify the drivers. However, the road where the accident occurred is fairly busy, so the police are confident that there are witnesses who have yet to come forward. They are continuing to investigate the case.

The husband said he does not want to find the guilty drivers for his wife’s sake, but to prevent such an accident from happening again. If found, the drivers could bear responsibility for the woman’s death through a wrongful death lawsuit. In addition, they could face criminal penalties.

In Georgia, wrongful death liability arises when someone dies due to the negligence or reckless actions of another person. Street racing would likely qualify as a negligent or reckless activity because participants often drive at speeds higher than the posted limit.

It can be life-changing when someone loses a loved one in a car accident. Although no amount of money can make up for the loss of life, it may help family members pay for funeral expenses, lost wages and for the pain and suffering they must endure as they try to move on with their lives.

Source: MyFoxDC, “Husband of Woman Killed in Silver Spring Fatal Collision Makes Plea For Information on Crash,” Bob Barnard, Mar. 8, 2012

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