Atlanta mom overcomes brain injury and learns to run again

| Apr 3, 2012 | Brain Injury

Whether you live in Georgia or elsewhere, a brain injury can be devastating. In fact, a person may never fully recover. However, one brain injury victim has inspired her family and fellow Georgians by recovering fast enough to run in two races despite the fact that her injury resulted from a car crash that occurred on the way to a similar race.

Last November, the woman and her family were driving to a race when another driver hit them head on. Her husband, who was also her running partner, died in the crash.

Her two children, who were in the vehicle but survived the crash without major injury, support their mother’s efforts. The woman says her daughter even helps with her pre-run stretching.

As is so often the case with serious injuries, especially brain trauma, the woman’s medical needs did not end when she left the hospital. Upon her release, she still had to undergo long-term speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. She had to learn to walk again before she could run.

There is no detail on how she and her family paid for these medical expenses. However, such extensive care is often expensive. A negligent driver who causes an accident with results similar to this one could be held legally responsible for damages such as medical costs, lost wages and more. With such support, time and proper care, victims that suffer a head injury can often make great strides towards recovery similar to this woman.

Prior to the races, the woman trained at the track where her husband went to high school, a place where the two had often run together. She said that she would be thinking about him as she completed her first race since the tragic accident.

Source: CBS Atlanta, “Woman critically hurt in deadly crash trains for 5K race,” Jennifer Mayerle, March 22, 2012

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