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Defective products continue to harm children

Parents in Georgia often buy their children toys. They expect that the toy will provide them with entertainment not injuries. However, many children's toys sold in popular stores can be dangerous.

Children are especially vulnerable to defective products. A recent report says that recalls for children's products fell by almost 25 percent in 2011. Although that would seem like good news, a high percentage of the recalls that did take place were associated with injuries.

Of the 310 recalls in 2011, about 40 percent were children's products. Toys made up about 25 percent of this group. The largest group was nursery goods, making up 30 percent of all recalled children's products. Three of the products had been reported over 100 times prior to recall, including a swing set, a toy helicopter and a pogo stick.

The most common injury from a recalled item was laceration from a Keds shoe that was covered with star decorations. There were 27 official reports of such lacerations.

At least three deaths occurred. Two of the deaths were due to strangulation from a baby monitor. Another child died when they got caught in the frame of a bunk bed.

Despite the large number of recalls, consumers only send 15 to 30 percent of recalled products back to the manufacturer for repair, replacement or refund. The reasons for low response to recalls are unclear, but some think that a lack of communication and insufficient information are major contributors.

Georgia residents whose children have been harmed because of a dangerous product would be wise to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney can investigate the case and determine what the best course of action might be.

Source: USA Today, "Recalls of unsafe kids products down but often ignored," Jayne O'Donnell, March 26, 2012

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