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May 2012 Archives

Everyday items may pose danger to Georgia consumers

Product recalls are more common than the average Georgia resident may think -- at least judging by how the public tends to respond to them. Quite often, owners of recalled dangerous or defective products fail to return the item to the seller or manufacturer, exposing themselves to harm.

Wrongful birth: Should Georgia doctors be liable?

A number of states are currently considering so-called wrongful birth laws. If enacted, these laws would prohibit parents from bringing claims against doctors who fail to warn them about fetal health problems with their unborn children.

Georgia hospital fails to diagnose dangerous infection

A 24-year-old Georgia woman is in the hospital and struggling for her life against a flesh-eating infection. Doctors have already had to amputate her left leg and remove part of her torso. There are some who suggest she might not have gotten to her perilous condition except for doctor negligence.

Georgia students injured, killed on way to after-prom party

A fatal accident claimed the life of a Norcross, Georgia, high-school junior recently. The crash occurred when a vehicle that was coming from the opposite direction veered into oncoming traffic and hit the car. Authorities blame the crash on teen racing and reckless conduct.

New initiative aims to cut down on medical malpractice claims

When people in Atlanta visit the hospital, they expect that they will leave healthier than when they arrived. However, mistakes happen. Unfortunately, those mistakes can leave people suffering further complications.

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