Everyday items may pose danger to Georgia consumers

| May 29, 2012 | Products Liability

Product recalls are more common than the average Georgia resident may think — at least judging by how the public tends to respond to them. Quite often, owners of recalled dangerous or defective products fail to return the item to the seller or manufacturer, exposing themselves to harm.

For example, in February, the United States Product Safety Commission recalled some 200,000 furnaces. However, over 90 percent of the injuries related to the furnace defect occurred after the recall took effect.

Time Magazine has recently put together a list of the most dangerous recalled household items. Some of them are as follows:

  • LG “Goldstar”(models GHD30Y7 and DH305Y7) and “Comfort-Air” (model BHD-301-C) dehumidifiers: these humidifiers have been known to cause serious fires, but only 2 percent of owners have responded to the recall.
  • Drop-side cribs: multiple models and brands have been recalled because a design flaw allows infants to get caught and injured.
  • Rollup blinds made prior to 2010: long cords have resulted in child strangulations.
  • Maclaren strollers made prior to 2010: the folding strollers reportedly cut off a number of children’s fingers.
  • Maytag dishwashers: at least 12 of these dishwashers started fires due to faulty wiring.
  • Bumbo baby seats: designed to assist infants in sitting upright, they have caused dozens of babies to fall and some to fracture their skulls.
  • Toy dart guns from Family Dollar: these toys have choked and killed at least two children.

Of course, this list represents only a small portion of dangerous products. Manufacturers have a duty to protect the consumer from defective products. Anyone who is injured through the normal use of these or other defective products has a right to compensation.

Source: Time, “10 Dangerous Products You Might Have in Your Home,” Mitch Lipka, May 22, 2012

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