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June 2012 Archives

New medical malpractice trial granted for disabled Georgia girl

A Georgia girl, disabled at birth by an alleged error on the part of the physician who performed her delivery, is getting a new trial. The Georgia Supreme Court issued that ruling earlier this month.

Brain injury threatens Olympian's career

Residents of Atlanta recall fondly the honor and excitement the 1996 Olympics brought to our city. Many longtime fans of the Olympics got to see the events in person for the first time, and many new fans were born. Followers of this international event may find interesting a recent story detailing how a brain injury is threatening the career of one U.S. Olympian.

Georgia college student dies in car accident

The summer vacation and travel season is at hand. Many Georgia residents may find themselves traveling the state's roadways and the nation's highways this summer. While most of us consider ourselves safe, responsible drivers, we unfortunately cannot always protect ourselves from the negligence of others.

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