At least 15 dead in truck crash

| Jul 31, 2012 | Truck Accidents

A truck transporting about two dozen people, identified by authorities as suspected illegal immigrants, crashed into trees after veering off a highway recently. Officials say it appears that the crash occurred because of apparent truck tire failure on the vehicle. At least 15 people are reported dead, including the truck’s driver.

This all happened in a state other than Georgia, but it could easily have occurred here. Representatives of the Department of Public Safety for the state in which the crash did occur said that the wreck was more than likely caused by front right tire separation. The representative declined to comment on whether the tire was old and worn or defective in its manufacturing.

Eight passengers remained hospitalized as of the day following the crash in Texas. The victims were not immediately identified. Investigators did say that they were from Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala.

The 22-year-old truck driver was from Mexico, but investigators could not comment on his immigration status. Neither the name of the owner of the truck, nor the brand of tire was mentioned by the investigators.

If the tire separating is determined to be the cause of the accident, civil liability could rest with the owner of the truck, for failing to keep safe tires on the vehicle before it was put on the highway, assuming, of course, that driver’s negligence is ruled out as a cause.

In cases such as this, if the tire separated because of a defect in design or manufacturing, liability could be assigned to anyone in the chain of manufacturing the tire. Anyone in the chain includes the manufacturer of the tire, and anyone in the chain from the manufacturer down through the tire dealer who sold the tire to the truck’s owner.

Source:, “Texas Truck Crash That Killed 15 Likely Caused By Tire: Official” Christopher Sherman, July 24, 2012

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