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Atlanta Chevy Cruze owners note: Defect sparks recall

General Motors recently announced the recall of nearly all of its production of Chevrolet Cruze automobiles. The recall is aimed at 475,148 automobiles sold internationally and domestically, including here in Atlanta.

According to investigations conducted by General Motors the auto parts defects involved allow fluids to drip onto a hot plastic shield below the engine. The conditions have caused engine fires and create a risk of serious injury to occupants of the car.

Although at least 30 separate possible incidents have been reported, General Motors says none has resulted in crashes, injuries or deaths. Nonetheless, the risk of great injury was sufficient to trigger the global recall.

Ironically, the product recall came just days after GM had received an outstanding initial quality report from J.D. Power & Associates. The "fix" to correct the problem is said to be an easy one, will be free and should only take 30 minutes, according to General Motors.

Although no injuries are on record to date, with that many vehicles on the road there's a chance that incidents have occurred that have not been reported. And the potential for severe injury from auto defects has been well established through previous litigation. Many readers likely remember the fire issues that Ford had with its Pinto model. More recently, Toyota has faced issues because of defective foot pedal equipment.

The injuries from such defective auto part incidents can be severe and long-term medical care is expensive. There's also the issue of loss of income if the injured person is working or expects to work. Readers deserve to know that a person or persons injured by a defective product are entitled to seek compensation from all persons and companies in the chain of distribution of the product.

Source: Detroit Free Press, "GM recalls 475,148 Chevy Cruzes," Nathan Bomey, June 23, 2012

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