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Fatal Georgia truck accidents require special attention to detail

Truck accidents are often the result of negligence. Perhaps it's the negligence of the driver of the huge rigs. Maybe it's the result of a failure on the part of the owner of the vehicles to make sure that the vehicles are in proper working order. Regardless, in Georgia, when a truck accident happens and someone is injured or dies, getting to the core of who should be held accountable requires special attention.

That sort of attention is likely being applied right now after a recent collision between a dump truck and a pickup truck. The accident didn't occur in Georgia, but it could have. These are the details according to officials.

The dump truck was traveling west on a highway in South Carolina, when it was rear-ended by a pickup truck pulling a trailer. The driver of the dump truck escaped the wreck uninjured. The driver of the pickup truck was killed. According to authorities, the dump truck was traveling below the speed limit because of mechanical problems. Both drivers were wearing seatbelts.

Any vehicle suffering from mechanical issues presents a substantial hazard to other motorists when it continues to travel upon the public highways. A large, heavy truck presents an even greater hazard.

In Georgia, the law provides that any person operating a vehicle upon the state highways is responsible for all injuries resulting from the negligent or careless operation of the vehicle. Negligence includes the operation of a motor vehicle with a mechanical problem when the mechanical problem causes the vehicle to be a hazard to others.

In addition to the driver's responsibility for the truck, the owner of the truck who is responsible for maintenance would also be liable for the injuries caused if neglect in maintenance is found to be the cause of the accident that resulted in the injuries or deaths.

Source:, "SC man killed in Hwy 22 crash," July 18, 2012

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Car accidents can have many variables which occur but bear in mind that if the errors committed by the driver of the car or is injured by another car, you should investigate the causes of this event in order to have an allowance for what happened or to sue whoever caused

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