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December 2012 Archives

Semi driver failed to stop after causing fatal crash

Atlanta drivers are likely familiar with the experience of sharing the road with semi trucks. They also probably realize if they were to be involved in a semi truck accident, they could be seriously injured or even killed due to the sheer size and momentum of an 18-wheeler.

Lawmakers name hair straightener as dangerous product

Many individuals in Atlanta and all over the county go to salons on a regular basis to have their hair straightened. But few of these people are aware that the products used in the straightening process likely contain cancer-causing chemicals. Three U.S. lawmakers have contacted the Food and Drug Administration, urging better regulation of cosmetic ingredients.

Atlanta mothers allege hospital negligence in infant deaths

An Atlanta medical center was recently sued by five area mothers claiming medical malpractice. Each mother has alleged that due to hospital negligence, their infants were not given suitable medical attention and either suffered serious injury or died as a result.

Georgia woman brain injured after being shot 8 times recovering

When someone gets shot in the head the outlook for survival, much less recovery, tends to be grim. But the body and human spirit can combine sometimes to deliver major surprises. Readers across Georgia likely have stories of their own, or have heard of stories of this nature. Well, here's another that recently made the news.

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