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Lawmakers name hair straightener as dangerous product

Many individuals in Atlanta and all over the county go to salons on a regular basis to have their hair straightened. But few of these people are aware that the products used in the straightening process likely contain cancer-causing chemicals. Three U.S. lawmakers have contacted the Food and Drug Administration, urging better regulation of cosmetic ingredients.

One allegedly dangerous product, known as "Brazilian Blowout," contains high levels of formaldehyde, a chemical that has been identified as carcinogenic. Apparently the FDA has received complaints that this straightening product and others like it cause some users to experience headaches, breathing problems, chest pains, stomach upset and rashes.

The FDA has been on notice of the possibility of danger associated with hair straightening products for a year, when lawmakers requested that the agency issue a product recall and investigate formaldehyde's potential to cause illness. However, it appears the FDA has not taken any action.

The lawmakers who are pushing for the FDA to regulate these products have expressed concerns not only for consumers, but for salon workers who could be exposed to these hazardous chemicals on a daily basis. As of right now, the makers of Brazilian Blowout are supposed to label their product for its formaldehyde content when selling it on the U.S. market. Meanwhile, the product has been banned outright in Canada, Ireland and Australia.

The makers of products sold to the public have a unique relationship of trust with consumers. People tend to assume the items they purchase have been tested and are safe to use. But this is not always the case, and when a product causes injury to consumers, its manufacturer can be held liable. With the help of an attorney experienced in product liability lawsuits, a victim of a dangerous product can claim compensation for medical expenses, lost wages due to injury and pain and suffering.

Source: Fox News, "Hair-straightening products dangerous, US reps say," Rachael Rettner, Dec. 12, 2012

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