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February 2013 Archives

Atlanta mother of five victim of hit-and-run car accident

Hit-and-runs are tragic and tragically common occurrences, claiming thousands of victims per year. These situations too often result in a fatal accident. Though nothing can replace such a loss, family members of fatal accident victims are entitled to seek compensation for the untimely and unnecessary passing of their loved ones.

Proposal could lead to medical malpractice panels

Good health is precious to every Georgia resident. Accordingly, the thousands of reports of medical malpractice concern more and more Americans each year. Several states, including Georgia, are reacting by altering current laws regarding medical malpractice. Though important to all, not everyone can agree on the proper legal structure for dealing with this issue: for example, while some applauded the 2005 Georgia law capping malpractice compensation at $350,000, four years later, the state Supreme Court struck down the same law as unconstitutional.

Toy impales child's eye, product liability suit filed

When consumers buy products they assume them to be safe for use. If the product carries some risks with it, consumers expect to see labels warning of the dangers posed by the product. Unfortunately, in some instances, a dangerous product is placed on the market without any warning to consumers. As is evidenced by a recent case, this manufacturer negligence can cause serious injuries.

NFL sued for player's suicide after autopsy reveals brain damage

In May, 2012, football fans in Atlanta and across the country were saddened to hear of the suicide of one of the National Football League's greatest stars, Junior Seau. The 43-year-old retired player died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, tragically leaving behind four children. The results of Seau's autopsy were recently publicized, revealing the linebacker had been suffering from a traumatic brain injury caused by repeated concussions received on the field.

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