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March 2013 Archives

Victim of fatal accident found in Florida airport elevator shaft

Many people possess a fear of flying, despite widespread reports that airplanes are one of the safest ways to travel. For one unfortunate traveler, however, the airport proved to be zone of true danger and the site or a recent fatal accident.

12 charged in hazing death of student from Georgia

Marching bands add bombastic, colorful and entertaining flavor to sporting events and parades around the country, often lead by a charismatic high-stepping drum major. For one unfortunate band member, however, his marching band experience ended not with an up-tempo march but with a solemn funeral dirge. The death of a university student has resulted in criminal charges against a dozen students and a wrongful death lawsuit against the university.

State uses March to shine a light on brain injury victims

People often have certain associations with different months of the year. July is linked with parades and fireworks and October is known for fallen leaves and costumes. December conjures up images of Santa and cookies while February is Black History Month. It brings the awareness of Dr. King, Rosa Parks and other historical figures and events. Georgia residents, however, may be interested to know that March is now officially Brain Injury Awareness Month in the state of Tennessee.

Truck crash nearly kills highway patrol officer

All sorts of vehicles can be seen on local roads at any given time. All have the potential to be dangerous. Semi trucks alone -- often weighing upward of 80,000 pounds -- are capable causing serious injury or even death. A truck accident in Tennessee that nearly claimed the life of a highway patrol sergeant highlighted the potential danger big rigs pose on today's open roads.

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