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State uses March to shine a light on brain injury victims

People often have certain associations with different months of the year. July is linked with parades and fireworks and October is known for fallen leaves and costumes. December conjures up images of Santa and cookies while February is Black History Month. It brings the awareness of Dr. King, Rosa Parks and other historical figures and events. Georgia residents, however, may be interested to know that March is now officially Brain Injury Awareness Month in the state of Tennessee.

Nearly 100,000 individuals in the United States suffer brain injuries each year. A patient suffering a brain injury may experience issues such as memory loss, dizziness, headaches and other problems. Usually resulting from a fall, an accident or sports related activities, head injuries should not be taken lightly. In fact, even closed head injuries can be dangerous due to the possibility of brain swelling or blood clots.

Such injuries caused by other people might even lead to legal action, especially if the other party was careless. If someone violates his or her duty of reasonable care, a court could compel that person to pay for lost wages and medical expenses. In addition, courts can provide compensation for emotional distress and pain and suffering. Those who have acted negligently, meaning they did not fulfill their obligation to exercise reasonable care, could be held liable for injuries to others.

Regardless of the legal ramifications, all states should aim to promote injury prevention measures. For instance, this could include encouraging people to wear a helmet while riding a bike or motorcycle. However, in spite of the cause, experts recommend that all such injuries be taken quite seriously.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "March is Brain Injury Awareness month in Tenn.," March 1, 2013

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