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April 2013 Archives

Woman involved in semi truck accident in critical condition

Car accidents are never easy to overcome. The physical, emotional and, often, financial harm done can create a path to recovery that stretches on for years. For one Georgia woman, that path back to the life she knew has just begun.

Brain injury still disables woman nine years after crash

Atlanta residents who have suffered a brain injury know how devastating these injuries can be. The symptoms may take a while to fully develop, but a brain injury can result in chronic pain, long-term problems with concentration, trouble with working or performing daily tasks, even permanent disability.

Georgia facility produces E. coli-infected foods

Millions of people buy food at the grocery store each week, but few consider just how safe their purchases are to eat. A recent recall of more than 3 million pounds of freezer aisle snacks, some produced right here in Georgia, highlights the reality of buying a consumable dangerous product.

Swerving truck driver dumps lumber on Georgia highway

Despite the many airplanes, trains and ships delivering goods and resources throughout the country, trucks remain vital to the distribution chain. Though the serve this very important and productive role of hauling tons of materials around, that tonnage can switch from potentially useful to definitely dangerous in the case of a truck accident. Such was the case recently on a Glasgow, GA highway.

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