Swerving truck driver dumps lumber on Georgia highway

| Apr 1, 2013 | Truck Accidents

Despite the many airplanes, trains and ships delivering goods and resources throughout the country, trucks remain vital to the distribution chain. Though the serve this very important and productive role of hauling tons of materials around, that tonnage can switch from potentially useful to definitely dangerous in the case of a truck accident. Such was the case recently on a Glasgow, GA highway.

The driver of the tractor-trailer was speeding north on I-65 with a large load of lumber. In the center lane of the road, the driver spotted a construction directional sign. In his attempted to swerve around the sign and avoid hitting it, he lost control of his truck. The vehicle smashed into a concrete barrier wall and the lumber scattered cross the interstate. Though the driver was injured, fortunately no reports of other vehicles or people being suffering any serious injury.

That is not always the case when 80 tons commercial trucks get into an accident on US highways. Sometimes truck driver fatigue or the acts of a negligent trucking company can cause harm not only to the truck and driver, but to innocent other with the misfortune of being on the road at the same time. Fortunately for people injured in these accidents, the legal system provides a way for them to recover damages from a negligent driver or company.

An experienced legal professional can help an injured party (or the surviving family of a deceased accident victim) recuperate medical expenses, lost wages and even funds for pain and suffering. If a driver failed to act according to his duty to the other drivers on the road, by not following traffic signals or speeding, for example, a court may find that the truck driver owes the victim monetary damages.

Reports do not state whether the accident on I-65 was the result of negligence. As the truck driver recovers from his injuries, one thankful note of this story is that no others joined him in the hospital.

Source: Glasgow Daily Times, “Truck driver in I-65 wreck injured,” March 18, 2013

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