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May 2013 Archives

Concerning truck accidents on Georgia roads

Even Atlanta's most careful drivers cannot predict every dangerous situation. Truck accidents are an unfortunate reality that will always exist. No one can prevent other drivers from texting and driving, listening to music too loud, or putting on makeup behind the wheel. The best we can do is drive as defensively as possible and know the best course of action if an accident occurs.

New Georgia law clarifies basis for medical malpractice claims

When Georgia residents need medical attention, they deserve the best care possible. Unfortunately, the best care possible is not always given to them. When situations arise where a doctor or other provider's negligence causes harm to a patient, a medical malpractice lawsuit may be necessary to obtain compensation for damages suffered by the victim.

Atlanta car owners on alert after car recall

The road can be a dangerous place. Atlanta car owners should not have to have any additional worries about their own car when they pull out of the driveway every morning. A massive recall of six auto manufacturers should have drivers paying close attention to their vehicle and if it is one of the vehicles affected by the auto defect in nearly 3.5 million vehicles.

Atlanta minister pursues lawsuit after fatal accident

Atlanta residents know that the city can be a dangerous place. However, when a family suffers a wrongful death, the pain can be intensified by the legal ramifications that go along with a lawsuit. While wrongful death lawsuits can be challenging and lengthy, they can also be extremely helpful for the families of the deceased in beginning the next chapter of their life.

Bill to decrease youth brain injuries signed by Georgia governor

Children can sometimes seem rather indestructible, both to adults and to themselves. They will take a terrible tumble down some stairs or on the playground and bounce back up to continue playing and running about. Adults of a certain age certainly realize how much quicker a body recovers from an intense workout during the younger years.

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