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Atlanta car owners on alert after car recall

The road can be a dangerous place. Atlanta car owners should not have to have any additional worries about their own car when they pull out of the driveway every morning. A massive recall of six auto manufacturers should have drivers paying close attention to their vehicle and if it is one of the vehicles affected by the auto defect in nearly 3.5 million vehicles.

Nearly 1 million cars in the United States and close to 3.5 million worldwide have been recalled because of a faulty airbag part that was put in vehicles in Washington by Takata automakers nearly a decade ago. The manufacturing defect in the airbags could cause them to catch on fire or harm passengers in the front seats by shooting metal fragments, if deployed.

The automakers who have decided to join the recall are Toyota Motor Corp, Honda Motor Co., Nissan Motor Co, Mazda Motor Co. and General Motors Co and most recently, BMW. There are various models being recalled including the Toyota Corolla, Honda Maxima, and the 3 series model of the BMW. The year of the vehicles that could have the dangerous airbags are the 2001, 2002 and 2003 models.

Any Atlanta residents who discover they have a vehicle which contains the defective product should immediately notify the automaker. The automaker can repair the vehicle or replace it, if necessary. If any residents have already been injured due to the faulty airbag, it is important to keep accurate records of the incidents and any medical bills or time lost at work, due to the injury. The manufacturer will be held liable to those individuals affected. The victims will be able to recover for their injuries in a product liability suit.

Driving can be a very rewarding, relaxing experience. Drivers do not want to worry or stress with defects in their own vehicle. Any Atlanta residents who thinks they have been affected by this massive recall should make sure their rights are protected and not hesitate to seek assistance and get all their questions and concerns answered.

Source: The Detroit News, "BMW joins massive airbag recall", May 6, 2013

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