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Atlanta minister pursues lawsuit after fatal accident

Atlanta residents know that the city can be a dangerous place. However, when a family suffers a wrongful death, the pain can be intensified by the legal ramifications that go along with a lawsuit. While wrongful death lawsuits can be challenging and lengthy, they can also be extremely helpful for the families of the deceased in beginning the next chapter of their life.

In 2006, a 92 year-old woman was shot and killed in her home by members of the Atlanta Police Department. The detectives who were responsible for the shooting were undercover officers who were at the decedent's home on an illegal drug raid. After the deceased fired a warning shot, she was shot dead by the detectives.

The city of Atlanta paid the victim's family $4.9 million for their role in her death. An Atlanta minister named Markel Hutchins is now suing the lawyers for the deceased's family. He claims to have assisted the family in reaching the settlement with the city, but was never paid the 10% he was promised. Hutchins has reached an undisclosed settlement with the family of the deceased and is now suing the attorneys for the deceased.

Wrongful death suits can affect a lot of individuals. Sometimes there are liable third parties that can be sued in addition to the immediate cause of death. Oftentimes, settlements in wrongful death suits can be quite large. The family of the decedent can collect damages for lost wages as well as any pain and suffering of the decedent. When there are large amounts of money at stake, individuals may seek to pray on the vulnerable or ill-informed.

Atlanta residents who have suffered a loss need to make sure their rights are protected. In times of great emotional pain and tragedy, individuals need to know there are people who will have their back and only have their best interests at heart.

Source: The Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Minister settles lawsuit with Johnston family, takes on lawyers", April 27, 2013

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