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Bill to decrease youth brain injuries signed by Georgia governor

Children can sometimes seem rather indestructible, both to adults and to themselves. They will take a terrible tumble down some stairs or on the playground and bounce back up to continue playing and running about. Adults of a certain age certainly realize how much quicker a body recovers from an intense workout during the younger years.

Although children are often quick to move on from injury, it remains the duty of adults to protect children from bodily harm, including brain injury. A recent bill signed by the governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal, will hopefully do just that, especially with regard to reducing the chance of a serious brain injury. The governor stated that the law, in part, attempts to educate adults and students about the dangers of brain damage from seemingly innocuous injuries.

"Even in a mild bump or blow to the head, it can lead to a concussion," said Governor Deal at the signing ceremony. According to the law, any young athlete must be removed from a sporting competition if he or she exhibits any signs of a concussion.

Such signs of a serious head trauma can include memory loss, nausea and sluggishness. Though many receive such injuries during sporting events, car crashes and other accidents can cause equally painful brain damage. In such a case where someone, whether a child or adult, suffers a head injury because of the negligence of another person, legal remedies can help the victims.

The recovery process can be long and expensive, and assistance from those who were reckless enough to cause the accident can be very helpful to brain injury victims. While the new bill will hopefully reduce the number of Georgia brain injuries, for the victims who still suffer, legal recourse can be a vital and helpful avenue to pursue.

Source: Times Free Press, "Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signs youth concussion bill," April 23, 2013

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