Fatal car accident claims three Georgian lives

| Jul 18, 2013 | Wrongful Death


When we get into the car in the morning, it is impossible to predict where the day may go. We may receive a promotion at work, we may forget to pick up our drive cleaning and we may even take a longer lunch hour than expected. No matter what the day brings, every time we hop into that car, there is a chance that we may not be able to hop out.

Accidents occur every day, some much more serious than others. Recently in Gainesville, Georgia nine people were involved in a four-vehicle crash. The accident occurred between two cars, a pickup truck and a tractor-trailer. The truck was turning left when a northbound trailer hit the truck. The driver and the passenger of the truck did not survive. Another individual passed away amongst the pile-up of cars.

Some suspect that the accident may be related to the newly installed traffic signals. When drivers are not paying attention, accidents occur, and it is possible that the truck driver was not attentive enough to the new lights.

Georgia residents should be concerned with drivers that are not putting forth their full attention. When a party is injured as a result of someone’s inattentiveness, a legal claim may be brought forth asserting negligence.

In order to prove negligence, the injured party must show that another party had a duty to act in a certain way, did not fulfill that duty and the accident that occurred was a direct result. When an individual dies, their family is able to come forward with a wrongful death claim. These claims can lighten the financial burden that the family has had to bear since the loss of their loved one.

Accidents in Georgia happen every day, so protecting one’s rights is essential. Any injured party or family member suffering a loss should know their legal options.

Source: FOX 5 Atlanta, “3 killed in multi-vehicle crash on Hwy. 361 in Gainesville,” Marc Teichner, July 12, 2013.

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