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Hope for traumatic brain injury victims after an accident

Traumatic brain injuries can bring despair to individuals and families. A brain injury can be so severe that the individual has restricted speech and movement. Recent discoveries demonstrate that patients are responding to special treatments.

Rehab centers are finding that music has been powerful in helping patients with mental issues. The program is called Music and Memory and it develops personalized playlists that help affected patients through the power of music. The playlists specifically help patients stimulate recognition, recover memories and enhances the overall quality of life of the patients. These music treatments provide personalized care that brings joy into the lives of suffering individuals. The music gives the patients a way to connect when they are unable to communicate in other ways.

Treatments such as Music and Memory may present promise to suffering individuals, however, these treatments are not able to absorb the financial burden that the traumatic brain injury has placed on the patient's family. When a traumatic brain injury occurs in Georgia, the family is often faced with high medical expenses and difficult decisions. Relief is available for these families and patients.

Injured individuals are able to bring forth a personal injury claim that can help alleviate the financial burden that the injury has caused. These individuals may receive compensation from negligent parties that contributed to their injury. Many different parties can be held responsible but some can include negligent drivers, negligent landowners and faulty product manufacturers.

When a family or individual in the state of Georgia is faced with a traumatic brain injury that results from an accident and the negligence of another, it is important to understand that the legal system offers options to the protect them. Contacting an experienced legal professional is a great way for victims to protect their rights and assess their options.

Source: The Marietta Times, "Musical Therapy: Patients respond to personalized playlists, Sam Shawver," July 8, 2013

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