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August 2013 Archives

$2 million awarded to Georgia woman in vaginal mesh lawsuit

When undergoing a surgery, many individuals are concerned about the process of surgery itself. Sometimes, however, the concern should come from a product being inserted during the surgery. A defective product can often lead to severe injury and sometimes even death.

Major truck accident shuts down I-20 for 7 hours

Commercial trucks prove extremely useful for transporting the goods we need across the nation. These vehicles, however, are inherently more dangerous on the road than a car. A commercial truck can weigh 80,000 pounds or more and can be the length of about three cars. Because of the size disparities, it is no surprise that accidents involving these trucks can cause a significant amount of damage versus other accidents on the roadways.

Helicopter crash kills two soldiers in Georgia

When a soldier tragically passes, the country comes together to pay their respects and show admiration for that individual. It is important to remember that not all soldiers are killed overseas and those losses that occur within this country are just as painful.

Defective product injures dozens of young children

Many Atlanta-area parents search high and wide for toys that hold their children's interests. For some, a good swing or play area can provide a parent with a few minutes of much needed relief and keep a young kid safe and occupied in the process.

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