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$2 million awarded to Georgia woman in vaginal mesh lawsuit

When undergoing a surgery, many individuals are concerned about the process of surgery itself. Sometimes, however, the concern should come from a product being inserted during the surgery. A defective product can often lead to severe injury and sometimes even death.

A Georgia woman recently brought a lawsuit against C.R. Bard, a company that manufactures vaginal mesh devices. After the woman's surgery she reported having vaginal scarring, pelvic pain, pain during intercourse and perforation to her internal organs. A jury awarded $2 million with $250,000 covering the woman's medical expenses and $1.75 million resulting from punitive damages. The woman reported having such a poor quality of life that she had the mesh removed.

In situations where a company manufactures a product they have a specific duty to manufacture that product well and ensure that the product is safe for consumer use. When a company does not uphold this standard it may be held liable for any injury that results. When legal negligence can be proven in court, injured parties are able to seek compensation for the loss that they have suffered at the hands of the responsible party.

Compensation is allowed for injured parties in Georgia in order for them to feel "whole" again. These damages in a products liability lawsuit may be awarded for pain and suffering, medical expenses, missed wages at work and death. Other damages that may come about from these lawsuits are punitive damages, which are awarded to deter the company from acting negligently in the future.

Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle, "Georgia woman awarded $2M in vaginal mesh trial," Carla Caldwell, Aug. 16, 2013

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