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Defective product injures dozens of young children

Many Atlanta-area parents search high and wide for toys that hold their children's interests. For some, a good swing or play area can provide a parent with a few minutes of much needed relief and keep a young kid safe and occupied in the process.

Unfortunately for some parents, that go-to toy may now be subject to a product recall after more than 60 injures have been reported from its use. The Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper produced by Kids II has been recalled for causing cuts, bruises and even a skull fracture in one small child.

Kids II is an Atlanta-based company and has voluntarily requested that consumers return the defective product, though the Consumer Product Safety Commission is aware of some of the victims' suffered injuries. In all, around 400,000 jumpers are affected by the recall.

Dangerous products like this Baby Einstein jumper cause thousands of injuries and deaths of unsuspecting consumers each year. In this case, the bright lights and colors of this attractive children's toy may have concealed from some parents the latent design or manufacturing defects that made many young people suffer during their use of the product.

Individuals who are injured by defective products may have rights against the parties who produce and sell such items. While product defects can develop in the design of a product, the manufacturing of a product or the packaging and selling of a product, anyone who has been injured by a dangerous consumer item may have legal rights against multiple parties involved in the item's production and sale.

For the parents of the children injured by the Baby Einstein jumper subject to this recall, recovering from the physical injuries that their kids suffered will be difficult. What may be more difficult for them is learning to trust that other consumer products made for their little ones are safe and not created with hidden dangers like this Kids II product.

Source: New York Daily News, "Baby Einstein jumpers recalled after dozens of injuries reported," Victoria Taylor, July 24, 2013

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