Major truck accident shuts down I-20 for 7 hours

| Aug 16, 2013 | Truck Accidents


Commercial trucks prove extremely useful for transporting the goods we need across the nation. These vehicles, however, are inherently more dangerous on the road than a car. A commercial truck can weigh 80,000 pounds or more and can be the length of about three cars. Because of the size disparities, it is no surprise that accidents involving these trucks can cause a significant amount of damage versus other accidents on the roadways.

Recently in the westbound lane of I-20, one tractor-trailer struck the back of another truck, which resulted in a fire. A driver involved in the accident was seriously injured and was transported to the hospital for treatment. The accident resulted in five to six miles of back up and the incident took around seven hours to clear up. As a result, some drivers reported being stuck in traffic all night.

Truck accidents can occur for a number of reasons. When negligence is involved in an accident, it is possible to bring forth a legal claim. Negligence occurs when an individual has a duty, they fail to uphold that duty and an injury results from that failure.

A number of different parties may be negligent when a truck accident occurs. A driver may be negligent if they failed to pay proper attention to the road, or if they carelessly changed lanes without checking their mirrors. A truck company may also be negligent if they fail to make sure that the truck is kept up to code. A manufacturing company can also be found negligent in situations where a part of the truck fails that shouldn’t have.

When another party is injured because of negligence, they are able to sue for damages in a personal injury lawsuit. Injured parties can claim damages for compensation in several areas including pain and suffering, missed time at work, medical expenses and death.

Truck accidents are a serious matter with serious consequences. Injured individuals in the state of Georgia should seek the help of an experienced professional in order to protect their rights.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “I-20 westbound reopens seven hours after truck wreck shuts down interstate,” Mike Morris, Aug 2, 2013

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