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Deadly fire takes the lives of two people

A fire can be incredibly dangerous. Fires that plague homes, businesses or apartment buildings can lead to the deaths of many of the buildings inhabitants. These dangers warrant strong safety procedures to protect those inside the building.

Recently, a fire got out of control in Sandy Springs. The fire started at a home in the area and firefighters were dispatched to the scene just after midnight. When the firefighters arrived, they found heavy smoke rolling out of the complex. A man and a woman were found in the building, both suffering from cardiac arrest. Both of these individuals later died at the hospital as a result of their injuries. An investigation is still underway to determine what caused the fire.

Whenever an individual passes away in a tragic accident, a family is forever changed. These families are forced to come together to try to pick up the pieces. Often these families struggle financially to pay their loved one's final expenses. There are circumstances, however, that may provide relief to some of these families.

When the death of a loved one is a result of negligence, the family is able to seek compensation through the Georgia court system. Negligence can come in a variety of forms, but generally exists when an individual had a reasonably duty, failed to uphold that duty and the result was the death of another. Negligence can be found in situations where a driver was not following the laws while driving, criminal behavior results in death, medical malpractice results in death and exposure to hazardous conditions results in death.

Families partaking in a wrongful death lawsuit in the state of Georgia are able to gain compensation to help cover their loved ones medical expenses and funeral costs. They are also able to seek damages for pecuniary loss, which relates to the loss of income and guidance that they have suffered from losing their loved one. The legal battle to gain compensation may be a complex one, but legal professionals are available to help families considering this option.

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