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Brain injury and the impact on children

When an individual in Georgia suffers from a traumatic brain injury there are many variables involved that can change that individual's life in numerous ways. A brain injury often presents problems to more than the individual alone. Family and friends are also greatly impacted. Understanding brain injuries and the law that surrounds them is important for those who are looking to move forward.

Several studies in the past have found a connection between brain injury and depression in adults. A new study's findings were presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition instead turns the research towards children. The study demonstrated that children that suffer from a traumatic brain injury are twice as likely to develop depression than children without an injury. It was discovered that 15 percent of children with brain injuries are diagnosed with depression.

In causing depression, a brain injury can extremely alter an individual's personality. These injuries can also impact the individual's ability move freely and live independently. Many of these injuries result from motor vehicle accidents, while others result from falls or sports.

No matter the cause of the injury, an individual suffering from a brain injury in the state of Georgia may have the ability to pursue a legal claim in order to help them with their financial burdens. If the injured party is able to show that negligence caused their injury, they may be entitled to compensation.

Injured parties can gain compensation in Georgia courts for their pain and suffering, past and future medical expenses and missed wages from work. The process of a legal claim often proves to be a complicated one. When injured parties are faced with these legal decisions, discussing the matter with a legal professional is an effective way to protect their rights.

Source: Red Orbit, "Brain Injury Increases Risk of Depression in Children Too," Brett Smith, Oct. 25, 2013

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