Government shutdown impacts auto recalls

| Oct 18, 2013 | Products Liability


An auto recall exists to ensure the public’s safety. When the government comes across a product that could be unsafe, they pressure manufacturers to recall the product and make the situation safer. After the recall has been announced, individuals are typically able to bring their vehicle to the manufacturer and get the problem fixed, free of charge.

With the recent government shutdown, the government is no longer negotiating these recalls with the manufactures. The recalls are now completely voluntary and are the responsibility of the manufacturer alone.

The government shutdown, however, does not prevent injured parties from collecting from a negligent manufacture. The manufacturer has a duty to its clients and must provide products that are safe. Companies must not cut corners and must warn their consumers of known dangers. When a company does not take these procedures, a personal injury claim can be brought forth in the Georgia courts.

Through a product liability claim, injured parties are able to receive compensation for their injures. The party may be entitled to damages for their missed time at work, past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering and death. This compensation may not solve every problem, but can help the injured party and their family, recover from the financial burden that they have suffered from the injury.

Residents of Georgia do not have to suffer silently when a product fails. These individuals are encouraged to protect their rights and seek the help of experienced legal professionals while on their road to recovery.

Source: Columbus Dispatch, “Major auto recalls a casualty of shutdown,” Joan Lowy, October 11, 2013

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