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Recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury significantly impacts the lives of the individual suffering the ailment, as well as the family and friends who support that individual. The road to recovery may not be an easy one, but with determination some are able to fight back and beat the odds.

A Georgia teen is one of those individuals. She has spirit and determination that has pushed forward her recovery. The young woman suffered from a traumatic brain injury as the result from a fatal crash that happened in Georgia earlier this year. Immediately following the injury Scout was unable to move and could only muster a whisper. Now the teen is talking and laughing and striving to make progress every day. She hopes to return home next month.

The recovery process after a traumatic brain injury can be a long one, full of many financial burdens. Families often find themselves in difficult positions when supporting their loved ones as they recover. In some instances, financial support may be achievable for these families.

When an individual is injured and another person is responsible, the injured individual may be able to collect damages. This concept is called legal negligence and is an available form of relief in the state of Georgia. An injured party seeking these damages may be able to collect for missed wages, pain and suffering, past medical expenses and future medical expenses. This compensation can greatly assist families and loved ones as they stand beside the hurt person throughout the recovery process.

In order to seek damages in Georgia, the injured person must move forward with a personal injury claim. Experienced legal professionals are available to help these individuals and protect their rights as they attempt to hold negligent parties responsible and achieve compensation that is rightfully theirs.

Source: News Channel 9, "The Road to Recovery: Scout Beam," Alyssa Spirato, Oct. 5, 2013

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