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Semi accident takes the life of one Georgia man

An accident that occurs with a semi truck is much more dangerous than an accident between two cars or trucks. A semi truck carries with it an incredible amount of weight. That weight becomes a hard force to stop in the event of an accident and can prove particularly dangerous.

A man from Georgia recently died after his pickup truck collided with a tractor-trailer. The crash occurred after the centerline was crossed and the vehicles met in the northbound lane head on. The pickup truck driver was pronounced dead at the scene, while the semi driver was taken to the hospital for treatment. The crash is still under investigation.

Semi truck drivers have a duty to use reasonable care while behind the wheel. These drivers are in a vehicle unique to any other on the road. Turn accuracy, shifting weight and blind spots are all relevant factors that contribute towards their driving safety. When these drivers do not uphold a reasonable degree of safety, they may be found responsible in the state of Georgia for an accident that results. This concept is known legally as negligence.

Negligence can be present in various ways when a truck accident occurs. Negligence can be the result of distracted driving, careless driving or failing to follow the laws of the road. Negligence may also be present when a driver's vehicle is not up to code. For example, if a company is aware that one of their semi trucks has a faulty break system, they have a reasonable duty to fix that problem.

When drivers or companies fail to uphold their reasonable duty, injured parties are able to seek compensation for damages. These damages may be found for medical expenses, missed time at work, pain and suffering and wrongful death.

It is important that injured parties protect their rights and assign responsibility. Experienced legal professionals in the state of Georgia are able to help further these goals and ensure that the voices of injured individual's are heard.

Source:, "Georgia man dies in crash on Highway 49," Tim Kimzey, September 27, 2013.

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