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Semi-truck accident kills Georgia woman

Driving a semi-truck is very different from driving any other type of vehicle. Semi drivers are required to pass a special test in order to obtain their license. A semi-truck is inherently more dangerous than an everyday vehicle because of its sheer size and weight. Because of these dangers, semi-truck drivers must operate their trucks with caution and special care in order to protect others while on the road.

A Georgia woman was recently killed in Mableton when her car came into contact with a semi-truck. The woman was making a left turn when she was struck by the semi on her driver's side. The truck driver was not injured in the crash and investigations by the police are still underway.

A truck driver has special responsibility to drive in a safe and reasonable manner in order to protect other drivers on the road. If a truck driver does not do this, that driver may be found liable for the injuries that result by way of a personal injury lawsuit. If the driver does not get enough rest, for example, and falls asleep striking another car, they may be found negligent in Georgia courts.

The company that owns the truck also maintains a duty to keep that truck in good working order. Further, the companies that manufacture the parts of the truck have a duty to provide parts that are ready for every-day use. Depending on the circumstances, any one of these entitles may be held responsible for a semi-truck accident.

An investigation usually has to take place in order to determine responsibility for a truck accident in the state of Georgia. Individuals involved in these accidents should be sure to protect their rights.

Source: CBS Atlanta, "Woman dead after accident with semi-truck in Mableton," Mandy Milligan, Oct. 11, 2013

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