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January 2014 Archives

Former Georgia Tech basketball star sued for wrongful death

The murder of a young Atlanta woman is once again being thrust into the spotlight nearly three years later. Javaris Crittenton is being sued for wrongful death by the mother of Julian Jones, a 22-year-old mother of four who was gunned down in 2011.

Wrong-way driver causes car accident

Each and every time a resident of the Atlanta area takes to the roads as either the driver or passenger, that individual is placing him or herself in a position to possibly be involved in a car accident. This is true regardless of how good of a driver the person behind the wheel is. When another driver is negligent in some way it is possible that surrounding vehicles on the road could suffer the consequences and be involved in a crash. Several individuals involved in a morning crash earlier this week are well aware of this. 

Robotic surgical devices injuring patients

Patients in Georgia face many risks when they have surgery. Risks during surgical procedures include infections, having objects left inside or surgical errors such as operating on the wrong part of the body. Surgery mistakes can be devastating for patients and their families, and it appears that a new type of surgical error is putting patient's lives at risk.

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