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Former Georgia Tech basketball star sued for wrongful death

The murder of a young Atlanta woman is once again being thrust into the spotlight nearly three years later. Javaris Crittenton is being sued for wrongful death by the mother of Julian Jones, a 22-year-old mother of four who was gunned down in 2011.

Crittenton was a Georgia Tech basketball star who was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2007 NBA Draft. In August 2011, Jones was shot and killed with a high-powered rifle in Atlanta. Crittenton was charged with murder, aggravated assault and criminal gang activity, but was soon released on $230,000 bond in September of the same year.

Now Crittenton, who was recently arrested on drug charges in violation of his bond release, is facing a wrongful death suit from the mother of Jones. The suit seeks compensation to assist in raising Jones's four children.

In any wrongful death case, an attorney can assist in identifying negligent parties involved and help to pursue compensation for an Atlanta family struggling with the loss of a loved one. A number of damages can be awarded including loss of support, medical and funeral expenses and more. As determining these damages can often become very complicated -- involving difficult-to-pinpoint elements such as the deceased's intelligence, life expectancy, earning capacity and more -- guidance from an experienced attorney can be well worthwhile.

The loss of a loved one is something from which a family may never truly recover. With the right legal guidance, however, compensation can help protect a family from financial devastation in the wake of such a tragedy.

Source:, "Crittenton sued for wrongful death," Marcus K. Garner, Jan. 17, 2014

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