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Robotic surgical devices injuring patients

Patients in Georgia face many risks when they have surgery. Risks during surgical procedures include infections, having objects left inside or surgical errors such as operating on the wrong part of the body. Surgery mistakes can be devastating for patients and their families, and it appears that a new type of surgical error is putting patient's lives at risk.

More patients are having surgical procedures performed by robotic systems across the United States. Robotic surgeries are now being used quite often for several common surgical procedures, including hysterectomies, gallbladder removals and other surgeries where physicians believe using the robotic device will be better than a surgeon's hand. 

The increase in patients having robotic surgical procedures has highlighted the risks of robotic surgical devices. In one hysterectomy patient's case, the patient suffered burns to her rectum during the procedure and had to undergo three corrective surgeries to repair the damage caused by the robotic device. Other patients have reported having holes burned in their intestines during a hysterectomy procedure done by a robotic device.

The risks involved with robotic surgical procedures can be blamed on a variety of factors, but most often the device is blamed as well as the surgeon. Some claim that the robotic devices are perfectly safe but mistakes happen due to surgeons not being properly trained on how to use the devices for certain surgical procedures. Others say that the robotic devices are dangerous and faulty, causing horrific injuries to patients in some cases. 

Patients having a surgical procedure done by a robotic device should be aware of the risks and know that they can take legal action against the manufacturer of the device as well as the surgeon. 

Source: Medical Daily, "More Surgical Patients 'Burned' By Regulatory Oversight Of Robotic Devices," Matthew Mientka, Dec. 31, 2013

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