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Atlanta-area car accident claim teenaged-girl's leg

A car accident that took place minutes outside of the Atlanta area recently claimed the leg of a teenaged- girl. During the latest snow storm, the family vehicle the girl was traveling in with her mother and twin sister slid into the curb behind another car that had recently slid into the same curb in what was described as an "ice rink." The teenaged-girl and family members were acting as good Samaritans assisting a motorist by pushing the motorist's vehicle stuck in the ice, as well as their own vehicle. A witness reported that a car was coming up too fast behind the group and struck the girl, pinning her between the cars. The girl lost her left leg as a result of the accident but it is hoped that her right leg will heal without any need for it to be removed.

All drivers on the roadways are required to exercise due care to prevent injuries to others and to help ensure the safety of those sharing the roadways. Oftentimes, due care requires that in potentially dangerous weather, a driver must adjust driving speed for dangerous conditions in order to exercise due care. Drivers may reasonably be expected to adjust to the roadway conditions or face liability for injuries caused. Negligent drivers who fail to exercise ordinary due care may be liable to an injured victim for damages including medical expenses and pain and suffering damages.

A driver who is not paying adequate attention to roadway conditions, such as a distracted driver, may be required to provide compensation to a victim that has been seriously injured as a result. Oftentimes, insurance companies are involved in compensating victims for serious injury. Even if a victim has some responsibility in the accident, in Georgia, provided that the victim is not more than fifty percent responsible for the accident, the victim can recover compensation for damages.

Damages from a car accident can be extensive. Because of this, victims can seek protections through the legal process and a personal injury attorney can help a victim through the process of making a claim for damages.

Source: WSB-TV Atlanta, "Teen girl loses leg after accident during snowstorm," Feb. 6, 2014

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