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Wrongful death suit of Navy SEAL shot at training site advances

The sudden loss of a loved one is a tragic situation, no matter the circumstances. However, if there is reason to believe the death was avoidable if the proper precautions had been taken, the pain and suffering can be that much worse. In these instances of a potential wrongful death, it is important for Georgians to understand that they may seek to be compensated for the pain and suffering they have been made to endure.

One family is filling a wrongful death suit against a training facility for the 2008 death of their son, a Navy SEAL. According to authorities, the victim was killed after a bullet passed through a wall and hit him in a gap in the bulletproof vest he was wearing. While an earlier lawsuit against Mid-South Institute of Self-Defense Shooting -- a training grounds used in private exercises for military personnel -- was dismissed in 2011, a Mississippi Supreme Court recently overturned the dismissal.

There are several different elements of a wrongful death suit, which may include medical malpractice, a car or airplane accident, criminal behavior or, what may be possible in the above case, death during a supervised activity and exposure to hazardous conditions. With the assistance of an attorney, one can more accurately gather details and form a case for the wrongful death suit, potentially resulting in a more successful result in pecuniary damages awarded such as loss of income, funeral expenses and more.

Nothing can ever fully fill the space left by the loss of a loved one, especially with the pain of a wrongful death. However, with proper legal guidance, compensation from a wrongful death suit can protect a grieving family from overwhelming medical expenses, loss of wages and other challenges that arise.

Source:, "SEAL wrongful death case to go to trial," Jack Elliott Jr., Jan. 25, 2014

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