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March 2014 Archives

Nurse arrested after man dies at assisted living facility

In Fulton, people who are in an assisted living facility rely on the nursing home staff to care for them in their daily lives. If nursing home negligence occurs, it can result in severe injury, illness and even death. People who are subjected to nursing home neglect are the most vulnerable in society, making any kind of injury all the more egregious.

Fatal car crash takes the life of 21-year-old woman

Any type of accident involving a motor vehicle in Fulton can lead to a fatal car crash and the loss of a loved one. When car accidents happen and a person is injured or killed, lives will be changed forever. These types of accidents can occur at any time and they happen without warning.

22-year-old woman injured in hit-and-run accident

Drivers in Fulton are vulnerable to serious injury when there is a car accident. Pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists are in an even more dangerous position and can be seriously injured when hit by a motor vehicle. If this is a hit-and-run accident, the consequences are even worse for the driver and more deadly for the pedestrian.

Member of nursing home staff arrested for sexual abuse

People who place their relatives in a nursing home in Fulton are expecting the nursing home staff to behave as medical professionals and treat their patients with respect and care. At assisted living facilities, there's a belief that the employees have the best interests of the elderly patients in mind. This is not always the case as nursing home abuse is a constant concern and possibility.

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