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22-year-old woman injured in hit-and-run accident

Drivers in Fulton are vulnerable to serious injury when there is a car accident. Pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists are in an even more dangerous position and can be seriously injured when hit by a motor vehicle. If this is a hit-and-run accident, the consequences are even worse for the driver and more deadly for the pedestrian.

A 22-year-old woman was recently hit by a car when she unexpectedly exited a moving vehicle on the highway. She was struck by another vehicle and the vehicle fled. The victim in this hit-and-run accident suffered injuries to her leg and head. Law enforcement is unsure as to why the woman jumped from a moving car. No description of the vehicle or driver in the hit-and-run accident has been revealed yet.

A car accident often causes severe injuries to those involved. There are many reasons for a car accident including a driver being careless, drinking and driving, using a cell phone while driving, or simply due to circumstances like the weather. With injuries and fatalities in an accident, there will be unexpected expenses that the individual or the family will face.

Insurance companies often try to settle these cases as quickly as possible to keep costs low. People might believe that the settlement offer sounds reasonable at first, but once the reality sets in and there are medical costs, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages and long-term care, they realize that it wasn't enough. No matter the cause of the accident or the injuries suffered, victims must be aware of the long-term consequences and act accordingly by seeking reasonable compensation.

In this case, the hit-and-run accident is still under investigation. Regardless of why the woman jumped from a moving vehicle, the driver who hit her chose to leave the scene and the victim suffered serious injury. The woman may want to look into her legal options.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "Georgia State Patrol searches for driver in I-85 hit-and-run," Mike Morris, Mar. 7, 2014

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