Lawsuit alleges nursing home negligence and abuse

| Apr 28, 2014 | Nursing Home Neglect


When people in Fulton County make the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home, they’re expecting the staff to, at the very least, adhere to a reasonable standard of care. The nursing home staff is hired to care for their residents in a professional and caring manner. However, nursing home abuse and nursing home negligence does happen. It can lead to illness, injuries and even death.

Families of several elderly people have filed a lawsuit against a nursing home alleging their loved ones were neglected and abused. Many of the nursing home residents are former members of the military. One of the families that has filed suit had a relative in the facility who was a former colonel and has since died. The lawsuit claims that at one point during his time in the facility, the man fell and was not treated for 14 hours. Other claims include failing to take care of skin problems, leaving the patients in bed for extended periods and various other forms of neglect. The owners of the nursing home did not comment on the specifics of the case but stated that they take the allegations seriously.

Families of the elderly or infirm have a responsibility to their loved ones to take claims of nursing home negligence and abuse seriously. Because elderly and handicapped people are so vulnerable, abuse can occur very easily and continue unabated. There are many different forms of abuse such as assaults, sexual abuse, failure to provide assistance, dehydration, infections, starvation and much more. People can be injured and even die from this type of treatment, and it must be investigated when there is even a suspicion of it happening.

In this case, the nursing home staff has had numerous complaints of abuse lodged against them. The families of those who were abused have chosen to file litigation because of it. When a family believes that a nursing home is failing in its responsibility to provide a reasonable standard of care to a loved one, contacting an attorney to discuss the next step is a wise decision.

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