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Nursing home negligence leads to arrest of owner and worker

In Fulton, when family members make the decision to place an elderly or disabled loved one in a nursing home, the last thing that goes through their minds is the possibility that the nursing home staff won't adhere to a reasonable standard of care. Nursing home neglect does happen and, in many instances, it can lead to severe injuries and even death of the victim. People who have a loved one in a nursing home need to be vigilant about the possibility of neglect and abuse.

The 47-year-old owner of a nursing home and a 59-year-old employee of the home have been arrested and charged with failing to provide medical care to a disabled resident. Because of the failure on the part of the nursing home staff to adequately care for the resident, the resident needed to be hospitalized, required surgery and is going through the recovery process.

There are many ways in which a nursing home resident can be subjected to abuse. These can include physical abuse, bed sores, falls, failure to dispense proper medication, sexual abuse, dehydration, infections, wrongful death and more. When a family entrusts the care of their elderly or disabled loved one to a nursing care facility, the guilt over the person being a victim can be overwhelming. These families have a right to seek compensation for the abuse their loved one was subjected to.

In this case, the owner and an employee of the nursing home were arrested for not properly caring for a disabled person. Because of the lack of attention paid to the patient, surgery was necessary. They are now facing legal charges for their nursing home negligence. It is in cases like these that families consider filing a lawsuit to seek compensation and they would be well-advised to discuss the matter with an attorney.

Source:, "2 women accused of neglect of disabled adult," March 31, 2014

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