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May 2014 Archives

Former nursing home staff member accused of abusing residents

When a person is in need of nursing home care in the Atlanta area, the last thing the family expects to happen is abuse or neglect from the nursing home staff. Nursing home facilities are required to provide a reasonable standard of care to their residents. When the elderly residents are treated poorly or subjected to nursing home abuse, the family might believe they are helpless when, in fact, they have a right to pursue legal action and compensation for what happened.

Man thrown from pickup in auto accident involving 3 vehicles

An auto accident can happen at any time in Fulton County. It could be due to weather conditions, another driver being negligent or simply from the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Car accidents can cause serious injury and even death. After an accident, there are numerous concerns that those injured and their families will have. These must be addressed early in the process as an accident investigation commences and liability is determined.

Nursing home staff members arrested for abusing patients

Families in Fulton County who make the decision to put an elderly relative into an assisted living facility are doing so under the belief that the best possible care will be provided. The last thing they're expecting is for nursing home abuse to occur. The nursing home staff is there to care for their patients, not to steal from them, abuse them or ignore them. If this happens, the family needs to be aware of it and take steps to make it stop.

Two ambulance workers injured in drunk driving accident

While most drivers in Fulton County adhere to the applicable laws and don't commit reckless actions, there is always the possibility of an unexpected occurrence like a drunk driver being on the road. Car accidents can result in people being seriously injured and even being killed. When this happens, an accident investigation will seek to uncover the circumstances of the case and piece together why it came to pass.

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