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Former nursing home staff member accused of abusing residents

When a person is in need of nursing home care in the Atlanta area, the last thing the family expects to happen is abuse or neglect from the nursing home staff. Nursing home facilities are required to provide a reasonable standard of care to their residents. When the elderly residents are treated poorly or subjected to nursing home abuse, the family might believe they are helpless when, in fact, they have a right to pursue legal action and compensation for what happened.

Sadly, a recent news reporting highlighted a situation where a nursing home employee has been arrested and charged with elder abuse after being accused of mistreating patients at the facility. The woman, age 49, is said to have slapped three elderly residents at the nursing home. Two women, ages 79 and 89, were slapped on their arms to force them to relinquish their hold on a railing. A 73-year-old woman is also said to have been slapped. Allegedly, the staff member also moved the patients in a rough manner. She was later fired from her position on the nursing home staff.

Any kind of mistreatment in a nursing home is unacceptable. Nursing home staff is expected to provide proper care for their patients, not abuse them. If it happens, families can explore all legal avenues to receive satisfaction.

In this instance, a woman was arrested for abusing three residents at the nursing home where she was an employee. Families who entrust the care of their elderly loved ones to a nursing home facility are not expecting there to be anything less than a reasonable standard of care. If there is elder abuse, families of those who have been may want to consider litigation to address the neglect or outright abuse by medical care professionals.

Source:, "Lincoln Woman Accused Of Abusing Nursing Home Patients," May 19, 2014

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