Fatal car crash claims life of child

| Jun 20, 2014 | Wrongful Death


When there is a fatal car crash in Fulton County, there are many issues that must be considered by the family left behind. The road can be a dangerous place and it is even more dangerous when there are drivers on the road who operate their vehicles recklessly and illegally. The worst case scenario is the loss of a loved one. With car accidents, the long-term damage can be incalculable specifically when there is a fatality and it is a child who is killed.

A head-on crash claimed the life of a four-year-old child and sent his 22-year-old mother to the hospital with serious injuries. The accident occurred when the 38-year-old male driver of a Jeep crossed the center line of the road and hit the sedan driven by the mother. Prior to the accident, there was a call to law enforcement informing them that the jeep was being driven in a reckless manner. Upon investigation after the accident, alcohol was discovered in the jeep. In addition, the driver was wanted by police for violating probation for obstructing justice and driving while his license was suspended.

With a case of wrongful death, there will be many issues to sift through. In some instances, the person who died was the breadwinner in the household and the family will not only have to cope with the loss of a loved one, but will also endure financial hardships. In other instances, it is a child who is killed. This can lead to significant emotional damage. The recklessness of another causing a needless fatality will influence the remaining family members in a substantial way. The pain and suffering can be excruciating and many times, the only tactic to achieve some semblance of justice is to file litigation.

In this instance, it was a four-year-old child who was killed and his mother who was severely injured due to the reckless driving of a possibly intoxicated driver. Nothing will bring the child back to the family, but receiving compensation for everything they have lost could provide a small amount of closure. In order to consider their options, they should discuss the matter with a qualified legal professional.

Source: SavannahNow.com, “Driver in fatal Effingham crash had no license,” DeAnn Komanecky, June 11, 2014

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