Toddler injured and hospitalized after car accident

| Jun 4, 2014 | Car Accidents


Any kind of car accident in Fulton County can have terrible consequences. When it is a hit-and-run accident and involves a child, its ramifications can be life-changing. When there is an accident involving a motor vehicle and a pedestrian, the odds of the pedestrian being seriously injured are substantial. They’re even more dangerous when the incident involves a toddler.

A 26-year-old man was arrested after a hit-and-run accident that sent an 18-month-old boy to the hospital. The child was with his father and 5-year-old sister at a playground in the evening. When the father was putting his children in his van to take them home, the accident occurred. He had removed the toddler from his stroller and was putting the stroller in the van when a Ford Fusion hit the boy and fled. The father took the child to the hospital where he is in stable condition, although he’s said to be non-responsive.

When there are injuries in a car accident, the first thought of the person hurt and the family is that they return to health. However, there are other concerns that must be addressed. Medical expenses for injuries suffered in a car crash can be massive. That’s before getting to the possibility of rehabilitation, long-term care and pain and suffering.

Insurance companies’ main concern is to keep costs as reasonable as possible and they might try and offer a settlement early in the process to end the possibility of litigation. In most instances, the offer they make is nowhere close to enough to cover the costs.

A toddler was hurt when a car crashed into him after he and his sister enjoyed an evening in the park with their father. The man who allegedly committed the hit-and-run accident was caught and arrested. The child is still hospitalized. With all the potential long-term problems families in this situation need to protect themselves by understanding their legal rights.

Source: WXIA, “18-month-old boy in hospital after hit and run accident,” May 31, 2014

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