Truck driver fatigue alleged in accident that injured comedian

| Jun 11, 2014 | Truck Accidents


Drivers in Fulton County must always keep an eye out for 18-wheeler trucks. These trucks are imperative to the nation’s economy as they deliver goods and provide jobs. However, the hours that truck drivers must put in to do their jobs can sometimes leads to truck driver fatigue and a dangerous situation. In any semi truck accident, the sheer size of the vehicles makes it possible that there will be serious injuries resulting from the crash.

Comedian and actor Tracy Morgan was injured when the driver of an 18-wheeler did not notice that the traffic ahead of him had slowed down. The truck driver crashed into the limousine in which Mr. Morgan was a passenger, the comedian is listed in critical condition. A 62-year-old fellow performer was killed. His assistant and another comedian are also listed in critical condition. The 35-year-old truck driver is alleged to have been dozing off at the wheel and is facing charges.

When a truck accident occurs, people who are injured and the families of those killed need to think about what the future holds. With injuries, there will be hospital bills. In addition, there could be rehabilitation and long-term care. If there is a fatality, the person who died might have been the primary earner in the family and those left behind might not know how they’re going to support themselves.

An 18-wheeler accident must be fully investigated to determine its cause. Insurance companies will do whatever they can to limit the amount they have to pay. They often do this by offering a settlement early in the process in the hopes that the victims won’t realize how hefty their costs will be in an accident’s aftermath.

In this incident, a famous comedian was injured when a truck driver allegedly fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into his vehicle. It’s likely he will face a long and difficult recovery. When an accident of this kind happens and serious injuries result, it’s imperative that the family protects themselves by discussing the matter with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Source: North Dallas Gazette, “Tracy Morgan crash update: Dozing truck driving facing charges,” June 8, 2014

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