Member of nursing home staff arrested for abusing resident

| Jul 3, 2014 | Nursing Home Neglect


When the decision is made to place an elderly relative into a nursing facility in Fulton County, the family does so believing that there will be a reasonable standard of care exhibited by the nursing home staff. One of the worst realizations that can occur is to learn that there is nursing home abuse taking place. This is not only a betrayal on the part of the people working at the facility, but it is a terrible crime to commit elder abuse. The nursing home needs to be held responsible for abuse perpetrated on the elderly they have been entrusted to care for.

A 40-year-old nursing home employee was arrested and charged with committing elder abuse on an 87-year-old woman who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The evidence of the abuse stemmed from a video recording that was made after the woman’s husband placed it in her room. At the time, the man wasn’t suspicious that his wife was being abused. Once he saw what was happening, he reported it to nursing home officials. The employee pushed the woman, threw her on the bed, hit her face and placed her in a headlock. The worker was fired once the nursing home officials saw the tape. It was then brought to law enforcement and the woman was arrested.

There are many kinds of actions that constitute abuse of the elderly that families must be aware of. In addition to physical abuse, there could be sexual abuse, failure to properly care for the person, leaving them in dangerous conditions and wrongful death. Evidence such as bed sores, fractures, infections, broken bones or a sudden decline in the person’s condition could indicate elder abuse. If abuse or death is believed to have been caused by negligence or abuse on the part of the nursing home staff, the family has a right to seek compensation.

In this case, a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s was subjected to abuse at the hands of a person who was expected to care for her. Had the woman’s husband not placed a camera in the room, it’s possible that the abuse to his wife would have continued. With evidence that that woman was mistreated at the nursing home, the husband might want to consider seeking compensation. In order to do that, he should discuss the matter with a qualified legal professional.

Source:, “Charges filed against nursing home employee accused of hitting Alzheimer’s patient,” Richard Gootee, June 24, 2014

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